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Our Story

Brandetize was founded in 2001 out of a pursuit to manage all of the marketing for the world-renowned author, speaker, and thought leader, Brian Tracy.

After exceeding expectations, others were asking for the same level of services and results...and thus the agency was born!

Meet the skilled sharks behind the scenes.

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Executive Team

The founding members and partners oversee the full team and all initiatives.

Eric Berman - Eric Berman -
Eric Berman - "Papa Shark"
Rob Poling - Rob Poling -
Rob Poling - "Great White Shark"
Chelsea Frederick - Chelsea Frederick -
Chelsea Frederick - "Sharkalytics"

Marketing Management

The account management and project management teams work together to drive strategy and execute work with team resources that will achieve your goals and deliver results.

Sam Carney - Sam Carney -
Sam Carney - "Sharkarita"
VP of Marketing
Charlie Rohlfs - Charlie Rohlfs -
Charlie Rohlfs - "Sharquille O'Neal"
Marketing Account Manager
Tonje Hansen - Tonje Hansen -
Tonje Hansen - "Caf-FIN-ated Shark"
Marketing Account Manager
Varvara Lynch - Varvara Lynch -
Varvara Lynch - "Lucky Shark"
Marketing Account Manager
Catherine Cacciotti - Catherine Cacciotti -
Catherine Cacciotti - "Sharki C"
Marketing Account Manager
Jenn Young - Jenn Young -
Jenn Young - "Sharrrrrk!"
Marketing Funnel Strategist
Andrea Morais - Andrea Morais -
Andrea Morais - "Sharkward"
Marketing Project Manager
Davis Nakashima - Davis Nakashima -
Davis Nakashima - "Comme de Sharç"
Marketing Project Manager

Lead Generation & Retention Teams

The lead generation and retention resources work within their individual areas of focus to bring new traffic to your website and engage them with ads, blogs, social media, partnerships, SEO and more.

Kris Corr - Kris Corr -
Kris Corr - "Pinot Sharkio"
Acquisition Marketing Director
Erik Davignon - Erik Davignon -
Erik Davignon - "Shark with a "K""
Senior SEO Manager
Alexz Miller - Alexz Miller -
Alexz Miller - "Zhark"
Digital Content Manager
Molly Delmore - Molly Delmore -
Molly Delmore - "@mindovershark"
Social Media Content Coordinator
Rachel Serceki - Rachel Serceki -
Rachel Serceki - "Lil Shark"
Affiliate & Influencer Coordinator
Andi McCarter - Andi McCarter -
Andi McCarter - "Sharkadelic"
Email Marketing Strategist
Shannon Hickman - Shannon Hickman -
Shannon Hickman - "Sharkuterie"
Media Coordinator

Creative Teams

The creative resources, inclusive of our designers and video production teams, help bring your brand assets to life across your website, social media platforms, and courses.

Kyle Covey - Kyle Covey -
Kyle Covey - "Shark Deco"
Art Director
Aaron Hammock - Aaron Hammock -
Aaron Hammock - "SHARKNADO"
Video Production Manager & IT
Jasmin Dongon - Jasmin Dongon -
Jasmin Dongon - "Sharkahontas"
Graphic Designer

Development Team

Our technology and development team turns ideas and designs into web pages and reports that create and track a prospect’s journey through your customer funnel.

Eirik Antonsen - Eirik Antonsen -
Eirik Antonsen - "Viking Shark"
Lead Developer
Michael Gallagher - Michael Gallagher -
Michael Gallagher - "Disco Shark"
Front-End Web Developer
Vincent Nguyen - Vincent Nguyen -
Vincent Nguyen - "Sharkley Davidson"
Front-End Web Developer

Support Team

The support team works to provide concierge level customer support to our clients and their customers for virtual and live events, membership programs, and product support. They also manage internal operations, company events, and the culture at Brandetize.

Allyson Crouthamel - Allyson Crouthamel -
Allyson Crouthamel - "Sharka Del Rey"
HR & Office Manager
Courtney Warner - Courtney Warner -
Courtney Warner - "Sharkarella"
Customer Support Concierge

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