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Brandetize then... and now

How we started

In 2001, Brandetize was founded out of a pursuit to manage all of the marketing channels for world-renowned author, speaker and thought leader, Brian Tracy. We exceeded every goal we set and, soon, others were asking us to do the same for their business.

Berman and Brian Tracy Deep Dive Meeting Kyle White Board
Sam White Board Berman Speakeasy Laptop

20 years of experience

Almost 20 years later, Brandetize has grown a lot, but we still love managing businesses that have a great message and products we believe in. It’s in our DNA to be entrepreneurs and bring our passion for growing businesses to every new relationship. Imagine the feeling you’d have waking up every morning knowing that your marketing partner is spending your money wisely, on efforts that will pay off. That’s what we offer.

Award-Winning Achievements

Specialists at the snap of your finger

Imagine opening the doors to your office and having a full team of experts ready to work on your marketing, all without having to recruit, hire, train and manage them... we make that a reality.

Regardless of which marketing services or channels you need first, your new team:

  • Offers proven expertise and is on the cutting edge of trends
  • Takes on your digital strategy so you don’t have to
  • Works together as one cohesive unit
  • Communicates across departments to stay aligned
  • Feels passionately about helping business owners we believe in
brandetize team photo at the retreat

Meet the Team of Marketing "Sharks".

At Brandetize, our close-knit team of experts are always on the hunt for the latest marketing trends and are ready to strike with a strategy worth sinking their teeth into - bringing our clients a sea of opportunity. We stay ahead of the marketing game like Sharks staying ahead of their prey.

Executive Team

The founding members and partners oversee the full team and all initiatives.

Eric Berman - Eric Berman -
Eric Berman - "Papa Shark"
Rob Poling - Rob Poling -
Rob Poling - "Great White Shark"
Chief Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategy Team

Rob Poling - Rob Poling -
Rob Poling - "Great White Shark"
Chief Marketing Strategist
Brad Costanzo - Brad Costanzo -
Brad Costanzo - "Sharkitect"
Head of Marketing Strategy
Eric Kuskey Eric Kuskey
Eric Kuskey
Celebrity Brand Strategist
Olivia Arbaugh - Olivia Arbaugh -
Olivia Arbaugh - "Sharkpagne Showers"
Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Marketing Management

The account management and project management teams work together to drive strategy and execute work with team resources that will achieve your goals and deliver results.

Lindsey Ricciardelli - Lindsey Ricciardelli -
Lindsey Ricciardelli - "Sharquacious"
Director of Client Success
Andrea Morais - Andrea Morais -
Andrea Morais - "Sharkward"
Director of Operations
Courtney Warner - Courtney Warner -
Courtney Warner - "Sharkarella"
Senior Project Manager
Angie Ketchen - Angie Ketchen -
Angie Ketchen - "Sharkayak"
Marketing Project Manager
Valentina Cipriani Valentina Cipriani
Valentina Cipriani
Marketing Project Manager
Yasmeen Salama - Yasmeen Salama -
Yasmeen Salama - "The Sharkarina of Time"
Marketing Account Manager
Lisa Tran - Lisa Tran -
Lisa Tran - "Shark Frites"
Marketing Account Manager
Seth Waters - Seth Waters -
Seth Waters - "Sharketh"
Marketing Account Manager
Peter Lynch Peter Lynch
Peter Lynch
Marketing Account Manager
Wendy Benson - Wendy Benson -
Wendy Benson - "Starshark"
Account Coordinator
Ame Jane Llamasares - Ame Jane Llamasares -
Ame Jane Llamasares - "Sharkolate"
Sales and Account Coordinator
Kat Pilongco - Kat Pilongco -
Kat Pilongco - "Sharkwick"
Data Analyst

Lead Generation & Retention Teams

The lead generation and retention resources work within their individual areas of focus to bring new traffic to your website and engage them with ads, blogs, social media, partnerships, SEO and more.

Alexz Miller - Alexz Miller -
Alexz Miller - "Zhark"
Director of Marketing Production
Bill Belcamino - Bill Belcamino -
Bill Belcamino - "SERP Shark"
SEO Strategist
Jenna Toppin  - Jenna Toppin  -
Jenna Toppin - "Sharquila Sunrise"
Content Strategist
Shannon Hickman - Shannon Hickman -
Shannon Hickman - "Sharkuterie"
Social Media Strategist
Patrick Fleming - “Barry Sharkin” Patrick Fleming - “Barry Sharkin”
Patrick Fleming - “Barry Sharkin”
Senior Paid Media Manager
Isaiah Mitchell - Isaiah Mitchell -
Isaiah Mitchell - "Point Shark"
Senior Paid Media Manager
Madison Miller Madison Miller
Madison Miller
Social Media Coordinator
Dian Obligacion - Dian Obligacion -
Dian Obligacion - "Sharkbite"
Content/Paid/Social Coordinator

Creative Teams

The creative resources, inclusive of our designers and video production teams, help bring your brand assets to life across your website, social media platforms, and courses.

Kyle Covey - Kyle Covey -
Kyle Covey - "Shark Deco"
Creative Director
Jasmin Dongon - Jasmin Dongon -
Jasmin Dongon - "Sharkahontas"
Senior Ui / Ux Designer
KC Jane Alison - KC Jane Alison -
KC Jane Alison - "Shark Ace"
Design Coordinator

Development Team

Our technology and development team turns ideas and designs into web pages and reports that create and track a prospect’s journey through your customer funnel.

Michael Gallagher - Michael Gallagher -
Michael Gallagher - "Disco Shark"
Senior Web Developer
Sabbar Ahmed - Sabbar Ahmed -
Sabbar Ahmed - "Sharkenical"
Front End Developer

Support Team

The support team works to provide concierge level customer support to our clients and their customers for virtual and live events, membership programs, and product support. They also manage internal operations, company events, and the culture at Brandetize.

Cherish Latchman - Cherish Latchman -
Cherish Latchman - "Arya Shark"
Executive Assistant

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