5 Amazing Email Subject Lines & Why They Worked

Good email subject lines are the key decider as to whether or not your email gets clicked on and read or not. You have one line to grab someone’s attention and get them to open an email so you need to make sure it’s the best thing that you can send out.

Here are 5 successful email subject lines that we sent to Brian Tracy’s email list you can use in your email marketing and why they worked.

1. My team isn’t happy with me right now…

To give you some background, this was used during our Cyber Monday email campaign to Brian Tracy’s list this last November and came out of our desire to promote Brian’s Cyber Monday Sales Page on the Tuesday immediately after Cyber Monday.

This subject line really focuses on piquing the interest of the reader through curiosity.

Often, especially during a time like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s easy to lean on your offer, such as: 50% off everything!

Or on urgency, like: Act now while supplies last!

We were able to separate Brian’s email from the crowd of emails hitting everyone’s inbox during the holiday season by taking a different tactic.

In the end, this email had an open rate of just under 50% and brought in the most revenue during our Cyber Monday campaign.

2. What 10,000 hours of eavesdropping on sales calls proved…

This subject line is within one of Brian’s evergreen sales funnels and, as you might gather, it helps sell a sales training product.

Also, it’s the first “hard sell” email after a series of content based emails.

So, basically, the sale has been set up and this email is meant to knock it out of the park.

As with the last subject line, it’s meant to pique curiosity, but it also utilizes social proof – 10,000 hours of other salespeople – and it tells a story – someone was eavesdropping on people.

This subject line is still live and gets about a 47% open rate.

Not bad for an ongoing funnel.

3. Don’t you love finding a bargain on Black Friday?

Another subject line from Black Friday, this one is simple and to the point and ended up with a 45% open rate.

The reason this email worked is because of the audience.

This email was sent out around 6 pm on Black Friday to people who didn’t open the email that went out at 6 AM that morning.

On Black Friday, inboxes are usually flooded with promotional emails and the first thing people do is find the specific brands they KNOW they want a deal from then mass delete all the others.

So, getting back into the inbox was key and forcing them to answer a question rather than shoving another “percent off” deal in their face worked well.

4. 149 Laws of Money

This subject line is apart of Brian Tracy’s newsletter where Brian focuses on teaching his subscribers, not selling to them.

Newsletters are great because you can test all sorts of things, especially the subject line.

This one surprised me with how well it performed.

It had an open rate of over 20%, which is pretty great considering it’s going to the largest section of our email list.

It did so well for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s short and to the point
  • It has a topic focus – money
  • The number “149” piques curiosity – why 149 and not 150?

5. [HUGE Announcement] 75% Savings on nearly ALL my programs!

This subject line is pretty standard. It’s for a sales sequence and it solely focuses on the offer. It doesn’t use scarcity, curiosity, social proof, or any other tactic to get you to open.

However, while those other tactics will get you a larger open rate, they don’t always lead to more sales.

Subject lines like this, which we actually used in a clearance sale for Brian, will give you a modest open rate but a solid conversion rate. That’s because the people who open this email want one thing: 75% off on whatever you got.

So, for Brian’s list, it had an open rate of just over 8%, but it brought in more revenue than any other email in the same sequence.

You should a/b test these subject lines against your own and comment below with your results.

Michael Uslan is a Marketing Manager for Brandetize who specializes in all things Brian Tracy. When Mike isn’t ideating new funnels, creating project plans, and implementing new and exciting campaigns with his awesome teammates, he’s teaching his newborn all about Star Wars.