5 Blog Post Templates You Can Use to Create Killer Blogs Fast

Blogging and content management can be real hard…

You work for hours and hours on a blog, hit the publish button, send it out to your followers on your social media accounts and wait…and wait…and wait.

Next week it’s time to do another blog. And all of your previous week’s work is left by the wayside to die a slow death.

So, it’s no wonder you haven’t written any new content in the past 6 months, but it’s always on your list. You know blogging has benefits, you might just not have seen them.

What if I told you that blog post templates exist to help with this exact problem?

What if there was an easier way to write blogs? What if there was a faster way to write them?

Would you blog more?

We needed a way to make putting out quality content fast and easy.

That’s why we’ve compiled templates of all our most successful blog posts and we’re releasing them to you. These are the same templates we use on ALL of our client’s blogs, including Brian Tracy, Phil Town, and Jack Canfield.

The second best part about these templates is that they work EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The best part about these templates is that they are SO EASY.

Who Can Use These Blog Post Templates?

If you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t have any time to blog then these are for you.

If you work for an agency or organization that needs to create some (good) easy content, fast, then these are for you.

If you manage a team of writers and need to show them what you want your blogs to look like, then these templates are for you.

Here are 5 blog post templates you can use to create great content.

1) The Video and Script Blog Post Template

This post is easy to create because all you have to do is pick a topic and talk about it. A 5-minute video gives you a 1000 word blog post.


Embed a video that you shot. You’ll get double exposure by adding your video and your blog.

OPTIONAL: Don’t like yourself on camera? Don’t embed the video to save costs and time of editing. Your script becomes your blog content. Lightly edit the grammar and post.

Get the video transcribed on a site like rev.com, or use the script you recorded from your video and use it as your blog content. You get an easy blog AND SEO value at the same time.

View this template in action here.

2) The “List” or “How to” Blog Template

These blogs are easy to overcomplicate. But, are WAY more simple to write than most people think.


Follow these steps to make a great “How to” blog:

  1. Compile a numbered list on how to do a certain thing or make a curated list of different ways to solve the same problem.
  2. Create a 200-300 word introduction that introduces your topic.
  3. Write out your first step OR detail out your first item in your list
  4. Detail and explain what you’re talking about or how to do each step.
  5. OPTIONAL: Add pictures that describe your steps.
  6. Repeat as needed until you’re finished.

View a ”List Blog” in action here and view a ”How to” Blog in action here.

3) The Video Embed Blog Template

The video embed blog post is one of the easiest posts to complete. You set up your topic in a short 300 word introduction and let the video do the work for you.


Write a short introduction to your video 200-300 words. This introduction should set up the video, but not give away the entire video.

Embed a video that you shot into the content.

Under the video, summarize what you learned and give a short call to action.

Check out the video embed blog post in action here.

4) The “Insert Topic Here” Quote Blog Template

This type of blog post is exceptionally easy to create. Create some picture quotes, these can be your quotes or quotes you found from others and compile them into a blog for your followers.


Write a short introduction to your blog of 200 words. This introduction should set up what the blog is about.

Write quotes out in your H3 header text. Place shareable picture quotes below the header.


  1. Add your reaction to the quote.
  2. Make your quotes into a Slideshare or a Quote Video and embed instead.

See the Quote Blog Post in action here.

5) The Content + Video + Quote Blog Template

This blog post is a combination of all of the different types of posts, but it WORKS. The formula for this one is content + call to action + video + picture quote in that order.






In this post you create all of your content at the top of the page. After your blog is complete, insert a call to action. Underneath your entire post content, embed a related video that you recorded, or supplements the content. Under the video add a shareable picture quote image for fans to share over social media.

Check out this post in action here. (It makes a lot more sense when you see it.)

Now that I’ve given you the keys to the entire castle (don’t you dare go and outrank me in everything) and also revealed how easy content can be, go write some killer blog posts and let me know how these templates work for you in the comments.

We’ve created a PDF download all of these blog post templates if you need to give them to your staff or use them as a reference in your next post click below to get them.

Ryan is the Content Manager at Brandetize. He’s responsible for all of the content on our client blogs and podcasts as well as this site. Ryan loves trying out the newest blog strategies for his clients. He also enjoys In-N-Out, denim jackets, Magic the Gathering, iced coffee, and nice boots.