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April 2, 2021 | 2 COMMENTS

In the advertising industry, the American Advertising Awards is the biggest and most representative competition, attracting roughly 35,000 entries every year in local AAF Ad Club competitions.

American Advertising Awards’ mission is to acknowledge and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

Brandetize brings more than 20 years of experience helping businesses increase their bottom line. We follow a holistic approach to our clients’ digital strategy by tailoring content to customer-buying journeys and supporting them with credibility and conversion-focused campaigns.

Keep reading to see some of the incredible work we’ve done for our clients, Brian Tracy, Fenix Space, and Rule #1 Investing. 

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Best Digital Creative Technology User Experience 2021

For the second year in a row, Brandetize has won yet another award for the American Advertising Awards of San Diego.

In 2021, our work on Brian Tracy’s Custom Black Friday Sale won the Bronze award in the Digital Creative Technology User Experience category from the American Advertising Awards.

We knew we would be facing really stiff competition with Black Friday this year. Thousands of companies were struggling financially due to Covid-19, and we knew they’d be looking for a big revenue win to save their fiscal year. It was predicted that inboxes would be FLOODED with emails, and ads would follow people everywhere they went.

The “Build Your Own Black Friday Quiz” was our attempt to create something that stood out and seemed truly customized and tailored to the user. Spoiler alert: It worked.

To keep everyone engaged we created a unique and friction-free user experience to make the information easily digestible.

We peppered in various touches animations on the sales page and the inclusion of the “dancing Brian” gif with the goal of making everyone smile before hitting the sales page. It’s no secret happy people buy more!

In 7 Days we received 2,868 leads and earned $46K in revenue! One of our biggest Black Friday sales successes to date.

Best Business-to-Business Website 2020

For the category of Mobile B2B Websites, our team took home the silver award for our work on the Fenix Space website – a private aerospace, technology, and environment simulation test services company known for its pioneering leadership in space tow-flight systems.

Check out this demo of the final award-winning website.

Best Online Interactive Campaign 2020

For the category of Online Interactive Campaigns, we received the bronze award for the Rule #1 Investing “Finding Buffett” campaign created by our team.

What started out as a typo on the cover of a paperback book printed by the publishing house, turned into an opportunity for our team to get creative and utilize the power of the Rule #1 Investing social media presence we helped create.

After our client and famous Investor, Phil Town, realized his latest book, Invested, was published with Warren Buffett’s last name spelled incorrectly on the cover, he called on our team to help him get the books off the shelves as quickly as possible.

And that was the spark that led to the #FindingBuffett campaign’s creation, which called on Phil’s followers to hunt down the batch of misprinted covers, buy a copy, and share a picture of them with the book on social media.

Take a look at some of the assets that helped us turn this lemon into lemonade – not to mention an incredibly successful social media campaign that lead to tons of user-generated-content and engagement.

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