5 Tips for Running Successful Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great way to engage your audience, build brand advocacy, and foster a great community — if they’re done right. On the other hand, if your Facebook group isn’t engaging enough, or is promoting irrelevant messages, people will forget they’re a part of them, become annoyed with your brand, and eventually, part ways with you.

Here are 5 ways to make sure your Facebook groups are full of life and creating a great experience for your brand.

What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook group is a community page you can create (open or closed) in order to promote the social interaction of consumers or followers who are interested in certain products, challenges, or topics of discussion. It’s a space that allows you to foster brand or product knowledge amongst a group of people where you can moderate and help keep things in line.

Why Should You Use Facebook Groups?

  • Adds value to your products.
  • Creates a place for students, consumers, and brand followers to interact and ask questions.
  • Easy to share new information quickly.
  • Reduces returns on products by increase knowledge and a feeling of community.
  • Generates additional revenue by exposing others to potential brand ambassadors within the group.

Here Are 5 Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Group

1) Form the Group Around a Popular Product or Topic

This ensures you’ll have plenty of consumers or students who want to join and actively take part. The more people that are excited to be part of the group, the more likely they’ll be to engage with positive interactions and share the product or group with friends.

2) Learn How to Moderate Appropriately

There are a few key roles that the moderator has to play — these include Customer Support, Resource, Disciplinarian, and Cheerleader.

As the moderator – the group participants will count on you to help answer their questions, show them where to find certain features and information, keep other participants in line when inappropriate comments are made, and cheer them on to keep the positive vibes and encouragement flowing throughout the group.

3) Use Brand Ambassadors to Help When it Makes Sense

If done right, your Facebook group should have at least a few exceptional members. These are fans, followers, and consumers who can become evangelists inside and outside the group. If the member seems upstanding, trustworthy, and has regularly demonstrated helpfulness over time, he or she can be trained to help handle some of the engagement and encouragement in place of the moderator.

4) Interact With the Group Regularly

It is important to make sure that the group knows who is in charge. As the creator and/or moderator of the group, you should make sure to add posts announcing new information, answer community questions, share helpful resources such as relevant blog posts, and take part in personal conversations with the members.

Examples of this would include tagging specific group members if they would enjoy the content you’re sharing, addressing members by name, connecting members with each other if you notice they have common interests and backgrounds, and answering all of the questions you see.

5) Plan What You Want to Say and Share

To make sure the group never feels old and stale, it’s important to introduce new information to keep the momentum going. In order to do this effectively, it would help for you to create a content calendar where you plan out what types of content and information you want to share, in what format, and when.

Some tips for the type of content you might want to plan out include blogs, relevant articles, insightful questions that will elicit responses, promotions that members would be interested in, quotes that can inspire or encourage the message you’re already sharing, tips, and more.

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Bridget is the Social Media Manager at Brandetize. She creates shareable graphics, content, and helps manage the social media strategy for all of our wonderful clients.