New Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Can you predict the future of digital marketing trends in 2019? We’re going to try…

You can look at past successes, read up on your competitors’ wins, and stay in step with your industry to prep for the year ahead. Rohit Bhargava, in his book Non-Obvious: How to Predict Trends and Win the Future, curates the most popular trends of previous years to offer entrepreneurs and marketers insight for the years to come.

Here are some marketing trends for 2019 that we think will further shape internet marketing.

1. Over-targeting

Have you ever mentioned a name brand around your Alexa, and then ten minutes later opened your phone and noticed an ad for that same brand?

Marketing continues to become more personal as data collection is streamlined. It’s a big trend of 2018, but Bhargava cautions against relying too much on extreme targeting.

Potential customers interact with so many ads a day – the personalized approach doesn’t matter when it’s one of 50 personalized emails in your inbox.

And as Bhargava cleverly reminds us, you can only use so much shampoo or drink so much tea. Instead of focusing on squeezing every last dime out of your existing customer base, try a broad approach to widen the net. You will stand out in a world of [Insert Customer First Name Here] emails.

2. Brand Stand

Nike featuring Colin Kaepernick, Patagonia defending national parks, or Starbucks offering straw-less beverages were BIG stories in 2018. Brands that take a stand will certainly create some buzz, but Bhargava’s research suggests it’s here to stay.

Are your business’ core values expressed in your marketing? Consumers admire brands that aren’t afraid to make some noise. You will attract customers that share your values… and hopefully, develop into brand fans that chose your product over the competition.

3. Truthing

Bing! Another notification that a celebrity is going live on Instagram or Facebook. With the information overload consumers experienced in 2018, the value of “real” reviews and trusted influencers will only rise in 2019.

To build trust with your customer base, share the story behind your business and what drives you. Share videos of real customers using your products.

4. Enlightened Consumption

Consumers that want to use their buying power to support a business that aligns with their values made a splash in 2018.

After a couple of major PR stumbles, Uber users overwhelming moved to other forms of transportation. The company removed the CEO and chose to begin a major rebrand.

Covergirl announced that it’s officially cruelty-free and will no longer test products on animals. Although there’s no officially reported marketing data yet, current trends predict that the positive press will have many choosing Covergirl over the holiday gifting season.

With so many choices, consumers don’t need much motivation to move to another brand or product. Consider the social impact of your company and share that story with your customers. They will be proud to support a business that has a positive impact.

5. Touchworthy

With the dominance of digital advertising, physical experiences become more valuable. Bhargava points to the rise of slime on Instagram and the popularity of photo booths as examples of the value of touch.

Can you share a physical object with your consumer that will trigger an emotional response? If you already sell a physical product, how does your packaging or texture connect with the consumer?

Although savvy marketers know better than to go all-in on a hot new idea, it’s important to assess popular movements and understand where your brand can benefit.

Abby is a Marketing Manager for Brandetize that specializes in all things analytics, data, and email. When she’s not making pivot tables, she’s teaching her puppy Jude how to roll over. She’s working on it.