5 Social Media Trends to Stay On Top of in 2019

You’re here because you want to know what the hottest social media trends are for 2019. Social media marketers are always trying to stay on top of new trends, new platform features, algorithm changes… the list is endless.

It’s true that social media is an ever-evolving landscape, but one trend is staying consistent: personalized customer experiences matter.

Each and every customer wants to feel special and like your product or service is made JUST for them.

So how do brands appeal to customers in a personal way that makes them feel valued?

Here are 5 social media trends to help your brand build more personal connections with your audience.

1. Live Videos

Live videos are not a new concept, but it’s how we use them that is key.

Live videos are a GREAT tool to offer your audience a personal customer experience and help marketers to give potential customers an intimate look into what’s going on in your brand.

Live videos allow you to do live Q & A’s, as well as engage and interact DIRECTLY with your customers in real-time. Doesn’t get much more personal than that…

A great way to utilize this trend is to incorporate live videos into sales, special offers, events, future product launches, etc. to make them feel less sales-y. The next time you’re looking for a clever promotion or to get more involved with your audience, try going live.

2. The Continued Rise of Instagram

Instagram is already dominating the social media space with more than 1 billion monthly active users. In addition, Instagram Stories have over 400 million users.

Instagram stories offer your brand the chance to interact with your customer base in fun and different ways. New features like polls and questions are a perfect example of this. Try a Q & A. You can repost your customer’s questions and respond to them directly on your story!

Ask a question…

Post the answers!

2019 Protip: Keep an eye on Instagram TV (IGTV)

IGTV is still relatively new, but do not underestimate the impact it may have on social media. IGTV appears to be competing with YouTube to attract the attention of the younger generations.

Marketers predict there will be a massive rise in long-form content, “vlogger” style, to ultimately become the new YouTube in 3-5 years.

These videos shot directly from your phone and uploaded to IGTV, are a perfect way to give your audience authentic content and capture their attention.

Bottom line: If you’re not utilizing Instagram in any form, you’re missing out on reaching a huge potential segment of your audience.

3. Chatbots

I know, chatbots are impersonal, right? Wrong!

Studies show that 63% of people would consider messaging a bot to communicate with a company for reasons such as getting a quick answer, resolving a complaint or problem, finding a customer service assistant, buying basic items, etc.

As customers, sometimes we just want the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to solve our problems, and chatbots are the answer! Chatbots ultimately offer better customer service and an enhanced user experience, which is a pretty great and personal experience if you ask us.

In addition, chatbots and automation are a great tool to help YOUR business save time and money, as well as generate leads and revenue.

You can use a tool such as ManyChat or Chatfuel to easily set up your very first bot in just one day or less.

4. User-Generated Content & Influencers

User Generated Content (UGC) is content created by fans of businesses, that businesses can use to promote their products. We see UGC everywhere – tweets about how much someone loves their new iPhone, an Instagram story of your friends raving about their favorite restaurant, even YELP reviews!

UGC can come in the form of photos, videos, memes, testimonials, etc.

But how does UGC help?

People are hesitant to trust companies, they want to see products being used in real life situations, by real people. UGC personalizes products in a way that businesses simply can’t.

Influencers are also on the rise faster than ever. Here’s why:

You’re getting other people who come off as normal, everyday people to promote your products. They are people that we want to be like, and we feel we can trust them. This all goes back to personalized experiences – influencers offer us personalized customer experiences and insight into the product.

5. Dark Social

Are you aware of what’s happening with your customers behind closed doors? The things you can’t track? That is dark social, and it’s a big deal.

Dark social is when people share content through private channels such as instant messaging programs, messaging apps, and email. This private sharing is harder to track than content shared on public platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, so many social media marketers don’t realize the impact of dark social.

But why does it matter?

The very nature of dark social channels is highly personalized and self-selecting communities.

Your brand messaging on social media MUST be personal and engaging for your followers to share this in their closed, private communities. Influencers are also a great way to break through dark social barriers and spread your message on your behalf.

Are you a social media marketer looking to find a new, more engaging strategy? Follow these 5 social media trends to take your brand’s social presence to new heights in 2019.

Cathy is Brandetize’s Social Media Coordinator who lives and breathes all things social. She spends most of her time coming up with fun and engaging content for client social media profiles. When she’s not crushing the social media game you can find her traveling, running by the bay, or exploring new restaurants and breweries.