5 Surprising Places to Provide Customer Service

One of the best ways for you to ensure your longevity as a business is to build a large and happy customer base. By investing in your customer’s experience and needs from your brand, you will also build their trust and most importantly, their business. Below we have scoured the internet to give you the top 5 surprising places you might want to have a customer service presence, but more importantly… why you need to.

1. Facebook Group Communities

Since Facebook has announced its new mission statement and goals for the future of the company earlier in the year it is clear their focus is on community. Which will translate into a focus on building those communities, also known as groups. If you don’t already have a Facebook group set up, we highly suggest you try it out. You can tailor the group to fit the size of your customer base and their needs dependent on feedback. You may want to start a follow-up group for a specific product or course purchased, a VIP group for email subscribers, or just a general community to share your customer’s interests and get their input.

You will be amazed how your customers will use this platform to share their feelings or concerns openly in a well-run community. It will add value and accessibility to more traditional ways of email or phone call communication.

2. Facebook Messenger

If you’re not utilizing Facebook Messenger yet both as a customer service and marketing platform, you are missing out on its 1 billion active users and 80% open rates. Many consumers will also typically use that to try and contact the company or customer service first before visiting a website or email for help.

By making it easier and giving them fast response times to their questions and concerns you are making them feel heard and valued. There are also tons of chat platforms like Manychat that you can implement to help automate some questions or conversations through messenger.

3. Live Chat

Offering a live chat option through your website is a great idea if you want to scale back your phone calls but continue accessibility. Many younger consumers prefer to use live chat as a way to solve their problems without having to wait for email delay or spend time on long holds on the phone. We use Freshdesk to set up our live chat functionality and see a lot of value in opening up more outlets of communication for our customers.

4. Text Messaging

Another great place to be accessible to your customers is through text messaging. It is another up and coming tool many are using, similar to live chat except it takes the effort of going onto a website and logging into a chat away. All they need to do is simply text you a question or ask for an update and a ticket will be created just like standard email ticketing service systems. Check out platforms like Freshdesk or Zendesk and see how they are helping companies provide some of the best customer experiences out there.

5. Instagram

Last, but certainly not least, Instagram. Holding on as one of the world’s most popular social media platforms today, you simply can’t ignore it. If done well, you can have a strong social media presence online to be readily available to answers simple questions people often comment on photos or even photos that customers have tagged you in (for better or for worse). Being where your customers are, is key. If you can respond to a user quickly, especially when it is a public comment or mention, you will quickly become more trusted and respected for your products and services.

Facebook has made it is easy to manage Instagram comments now by syncing Instagram profiles through Facebook Business pages, meaning you can look at all your messages in one place. How convenient!

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Allyson is Brandetize’s Community & Partnership Coordinator who spends most of her days in the Social Media world creating content and managing Facebook & Linkedin communities. She also helps manage the Affiliate & PR efforts at Brandetize. Outside of the Shark Tank Allyson loves to get crafty, explore outdoors, take photos, and drink coffee (lots of coffee)!