How to Master Tripwire Marketing in 4 Easy Steps

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January 9, 2020 | 0 COMMENTS

If you’re struggling to convert your online traffic into sales, tripwire marketing might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is making sales, especially on high funnel channels such as blogs or social media.

However, the perfect tripwire will help you combat that…

So, how exactly does tripwire marketing work and what are the benefits?

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Definition of  Tripwire Marketing

A tripwire is an extremely valuable, low-priced offer that’s objective is to convert a visitor into a customer.

Since the offer is relatively inexpensive, it gives the customer a low-risk commitment that helps them enter the customer buyer journey.

A tripwire typically follows a lead magnet in the marketing funnel and is a low-dollar offer typically between $1 – $20.

Brandetize’s Marketing Director, Sam Carney, couldn’t have said it better, “It serves as a psychological play to indoctrinate buyers into your brand with a conversion that is easier to commit to.”

How Does Tripwire Marketing Work

The idea behind a tripwire is to give your prospects a chance to make a commitment to you, even in a small way. If you can get someone to open their wallet or pencil you into their schedule, you are overcoming one of the biggest obstacles that occur during the customer acquisition phase.

Note, the goal of a tripwire is not to turn a profit, but instead is to turn leads into buyers with an irresistible low-dollar offer.

It is your job as a marketer to provide so much value from your tripwire marketing content that you start to nurture a relationship. Once you have proven to the prospect that you are a brand worth investing your time and money into, you can promote your core offer and grow your revenue!

Benefits of  Tripwire Marketing

When you see how easy and powerful tripwires can be for you, then you will want to start using them ASAP. Below are some of the top benefits of using tripwires.

1. Turn a Lead into a Buyer

Tripwires should add value at a low cost. When you do just that, you will lower the barrier to entry for people and easily turn leads into buyers.

2. Build a Warm Email List

Engaged mailing list…need I say more? If people are willing to give you their contact information, you know they are engaged with what you have to offer!

3. Establish Trust and Create Loyal Customers

Tripwires develop intimacy. If people already gave you their time and money, they are establishing a relationship with you. Building a lasting relationship opens the doors for people to trust you and therefore continue to purchase from you.

4 Steps to Create the Perfect Tripwire

A tripwire should splinter off from products and services that you already offer. Follow these 4 easy steps below and build your tripwire in no time.

1. Discover Your Tripwire

The best tripwires are a component of your core offer. Think of your tripwire as the appetizer to your entree.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what your tripwire should be, try seeing if there is a section of your core offer that can add value as a stand-alone offer.

For example, a web development company that designs and builds websites may offer a simple pre-made template to help prospective customers write website copy.

Make sure your Tripwire checks off the following:

✓ Low ticket offer, typically between $1 – $20
✓ NOT a coupon offer
✓ Simple but provides a high perceived value
✓ Useful but does not give ALL the answers away
✓ Related to the core offer

Here is a live example of a high performing tripwire converting at 7.3%, Brian Tracy’s Goals Quickstart Masterclass.

It’s a 3-part course designed to deliver significant value to the consumer for a low cost of $27. This tripwire is meant to prime the buyer for the next stage of the journey by delivering amazing value in the beginning stages of the process.

Brian Tracy Tripwire Marketing Example

A question to ask yourself when discovering your Tripwire: What’s a worthwhile service you can perform at minimal time and low cost that will deliver results instantaneously and get your foot in the door?

The trick is to make your tripwire so irresistible that your leads have to have it.

2. Draft Your Landing Pages

Now that you have discovered your tripwire it’s essential to plan out all the pieces you will need to create in order to market it.

Two important elements for successful tripwire marketing are the tripwire sales page and thank you page.

The Tripwire Sales Page

To draft your tripwire sales page, you should start by thinking about the benefits that would drive someone to click-through and opt-in.

While outlining the benefit the user will receive from your offer, support your product with testimonials and have one clear call-to-action to buy the product.

The Tripwire Thank You Page

The tripwire “thank you” page should clearly state how the consumer will receive your tripwire product or service. Also, since the tripwire should be a component of the core offer, the thank you page is also a great opportunity to upsell it!

3. Setup an Email Drip Campaign

In whatever email platform you are working in, you should then create a tripwire email automation that will first deliver your tripwire and then follow-up to your warm email list to promote your core offer.

Recommended email platforms: Active Campaign and Infusionsoft.

P.S. The tripwire delivery email is also another great place to upsell the core offer!

4. Build a Paid Ads Campaign

When all the pieces to the tripwire campaign have been created, you will want to build a paid advertising campaign that will send traffic to your tripwire sales page.