How To Use Video Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business

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May 16, 2019 | 0 COMMENTS

It’s no secret that video marketing is here to stay…

Videos are the most effective way to share your message and personality with the world. They allow you to connect with your audience in the most intimate way without meeting them in person.

Consumers are now starting to check your brand’s social media channels to get to know you and your product or service before they even go to your website. Here are 6 video marketing trends for 2019 to use for your business.

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1. Specific Platform Targeting

Due to the various ways we now watch videos, we can no longer simply use the same video across all social media platforms.

It’s more effective to create separate videos and optimize each for specific channels. That means a video on your Facebook or Instagram story will look different than a video posted to your Facebook feed or YouTube channel. Stories have become massively popular not only for users, but also for brands as it’s a very effective and fun way to spread your message.

At Brandetize, we will post a video we used on YouTube on Facebook, but with a different ending and call to action.

2. More Diverse Formats

Since mobile has become the main way to watch videos, we’re now seeing more diverse formats and aspect ratios. It’s now common to see not only horizontal videos, but square and vertical videos as well.

Keep this in mind when filming your videos. Make sure your framing looks good for many different sizes and formats.

3. Authentic Video Production

It is easier for content creators to make videos now since technology has advanced, more tools have become available, and production costs have declined.

Consumers prefer to see these more authentic videos. When consumers see a video with high-end production they instantly feel as if they are being sold a product or service. All you need now is your smartphone!

This allows us to spend more time and money on creating content rather than purchasing cameras, lights, and crews.

4. Less Sound, More Captions

People are watching more on mobile and in public, which means they’re not always watching with the sound on.

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. To accommodate for this, it’s important to keep users’ attention by adding captions, or even kinetic typography directly to the video.

As an added bonus, captions also make it easier for Google to crawl and rank videos.

5. Video and SEO

Google recently announced that it would start using AI to identify snippets of video related to search queries and auto-play these directly on results pages.

This will be huge for video marketers so make sure you’re optimizing your videos. The video optimization tool, TubeBuddy is a must-have for anyone serious about video SEO.

6. Videos in Email

People get flooded with emails and are exhausted from reading them. Using a video is a nice refresher for your audience and is more engaging.

We’ve found out that having “video” in your subject line leads to a higher open rate. Using video thumbnails or gifs have also led to higher click-through rates.

What video trends have you noticed this year?

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