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Company Core Values

I create an environment where there is no fear of communication. I assume positive intent during communication and give permission to ask the hard questions without judgement.

I am persistent and self-motivated to do what's in the best interest of the company. I build teams of people that complement their weaknesses and expect excellence out of my teammates.

I acknowledge and listen to partners, teammates, and customer feedback. I act in the best interest of our partners, customers, and teammates and treat them with the utmost respect and concern.

I help our teammates achieve their goals and make sure to tell others when I appreciate them. I share a vision of how we can reach new heights and share resources with each other regularly.

I maintain a positive attitude and foster an environment that makes us all excited to come to work everyday. I turn negatives into learning experiences and persist in seeking out solutions.

I make learning a priority and focus on supporting each other's goals. I value curiosity and have systems in place to produce an 'always be testing' mindset. I am dedicated to consistent improvement.

I am determined to achieve my goals, unwilling to give up until I do. I recover from setbacks quickly and view them as learning opportunities that help me grow and evolve. I am committed to helping others look beyond obstacles to see the creative solutions that will help us complete our mission together.

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