How we achieved a 695% Return on Ad Spend and made it the most profitable Black Friday and Cyber Monday ever.

Industry Type: Health & Wellness, Technology

Business Type: E-Commerce, B2C, Certifications

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About HeartMath

HeartMath is a company that promotes a comprehensive system based on two decades of research resulting in techniques, technology, and online programs that provide clear, concise methods for reducing stress and creating a deeper, richer experience of life.

The goal

To achieve 350% Return on Ad Spend at a $50 Cost per Acquisition and get to a 3% conversion rate with an ad spend of $15,000.

The solution

Addressing the sale strategically from three areas by cutting through holiday sale clutter with a unique offer that would be successful regardless of circumstances caused by COVID, keeping the audience engaged with a positive user experience, and utilizing conversion rate optimization and user experience to make the purchase process as seamless and efficient as possible.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Paid Ads Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing

The solution

Creating ironclad KPI’s that illustrated leading and lagging indicators of profitable success. Our projections outlined spending thresholds based on conversion rate, CPA’s, and return-on-ad-spend that made scaling the campaign methodical and safe.

Disrupting in-feed timelines with creativity & scientific approaches to scaling.

Our conscious efforts to disrupt these timelines involved utilizing ads focused on the art of gift-giving and brand values versus the sale, staying away from over-promotion and mimicking the success of our organic social posts.

Mixing creativity with scientific approaches to scaling, this allowed our team to incrementally raise budgets during pivotal moments of the sale period, while maintaining profitability.

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hearthmath facebook example

Applying social learnings to ad space resonated with the audience.

We also scaled budgets bi-daily if ads were meeting or succeeding our planning projections. This allowed us to make fast decisions and avoid any analysis paralysis.

Redesigned e-commerce Ui/Ux which contributed to conversions.

e commerce page


In strategizing and managing the most profitable seasonal sale period, we resulted in a return on ad spend of 695% or 98% above our ROAS goal.

Additionally, we generated 36% more revenue than originally projected at a 50% lower cost per acquisition than the client’s target goal.

Marketing results led to HeartMath increasing their return by 41% year over year.

We exceeded expectations by preparing media projections that were rooted in the client’s profit margins and creating ironclad confidence to scale with our client’s business in mind.

Campaign Summary:

Conversion Rate


Return on Ad Spend


Cost per Acquisition


2020 Metrics for YoY Growth

Conversion Rate

10%(24% YoY Growth)

Return on Ad Spend

404%(42% YoY Growth)

Cost per Acquisition

$35.05(19.82% YoY Decrease)

"Brandetize has developed a successful partnership with the customer. The team’s work has increased traffic, enhanced conversion rates, and delivered great results on the customer’s ROI and ROAS. Clients can expect a professional team that commits to the project’s success."

— HeartMath

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