How we tripled sales within the first 60 days for Nonnie’s Nectar.

Industry Type: CBD

Business Type: E-Commerce

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About Nonnie’s Nectar

A premium hemp-extract CBD company based out of the U.S.A focused on using the finest natural ingredients to create the highest quality full-spectrum hemp derived phytoCannaBinoiD rich products. Nonnie’s Nectar was fully dedicated to helping individuals who want to find healthy alternative treatments for pain.

The goal

Increase organic traffic to the website with the intent to generate more sales and buildup a stream of repeat buyers.

The solution

Aiming to create relevant, valuable, and optimized content with their customer in mind to convert organic traffic into email subscribers, leads, and sales. This was implemented with UI/UX optimizations to their homepage and product pages where they encourage users to take action to purchase. After the sale, we also implemented a post purchase sequence, which keeps the audience warmed up to become repeat buyers in the future.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • UI/UX
  • Product Photography
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Paid Ads
  • Email

The solution

Addressing the sale strategically from three areas by cutting through holiday sale clutter with a unique offer that would be successful regardless of circumstances caused by COVID, keeping the audience engaged with a positive user experience, and utilizing conversion rate optimization and user experience to make the purchase process as seamless and efficient as possible.

product page

An optimized experience with drastic results.

Our team conducted user interface and experience changes that increased add to cart purchases by 40.1%, resulting in returning customers to the product site increasing by 37%.

Overall conversion to the product pages grew by 85%, while revenue YoY saw a 200% increase.





Engagement growth across paid and social.

Paid ad results in two months alone resulted in over $20,000 in sales with carefully built seasonal campaigns created for Nonnie’s Nectar products. We increased their average sales substantially over the course of November and December during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Organic engagement and following through social media increased after rebranding their social platform and developing their content creation strategy.

Nonnies Nector paid add on facebok

The power of consistent product photography.

Our team established a consistent shopping experience by overhauling all the product photography utilizing our in-house studio.

product photography
email stats infographic

Keyword strategies that increase monthly traffic.

We conducted an SEO audit with keyword mapping recommendations that used the information to create blog headlines for 3 skyscraper blog posts and one content page that raised the average monthly traffic visitors by 300+.

Implementation of this strategy brought an increase in monthly traffic to their site by 94%


The results were dramatic. The website was updated for branding and best practices, which included new product photography that increased add to cart rates by 58% within 30 days.

Organic tactics like search engine optimization, social posting on Instagram, and the creation of an email automation system allowed us to achieve positive results toward the bottom line through increased sales and overall order views.

Marketing results led to Nonnies Nectar reaching a successful acquisition.


Sales and revenue


In sales for first ever holiday campaigns


Increase in store conversions


Increase in traffic to site


In 7 days in revenue for subscriptions


Increase in order value

“We had high expectations from Brandetize from the outset, due to the high caliber of the ownership team. Our expectations were surpassed, however, by the excellent communication, delegation and organization demonstrated on a daily basis by the project management team.

We had worked with other marketing firms that not only didn’t perform according to our contract, but cost us countless hours fixing the damage they caused our brand and online sales. Brandetize was able to turn our slowed momentum and disappointment into an identifiable brand identity with growing online sales every month.

We are thrilled with their service and performance, and look forward to a very long and profitable partnership with them by our side. Highly recommended!!”

— Oriana Leo

Co-Founder & Spokesperson at Nonnie’s Nectar

nonnies co-founders overlapping the BTZ logo