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Elevate Your Marketing In 5 Short Days

Our Brandetize marketing experts will:

  • Help you create an optimized marketing plan and assets that you can rely on year after year to grow your business exponentially.
  • Reveal proven marketing practices and help you build a sales and marketing email funnel you can implement as soon as you leave to capture more leads, turn them into loyal customers, and increase your sales quickly.
  • Give you the necessary tools, resources, and templates to improve your customer experience from the first time they see your brand all the way through post-purchase.
  • Get you up to speed on acquiring new subscribers and customers with the latest and the best social media, paid advertising, content, SEO, web design, and email marketing practices — and more.

Customized with 1 on 1 attention to your Business

We’ll work with you to turn your marketing into a well-oiled,
low-maintenance, sales-getting machine.

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We will coordinate your Workshop date on a week that works for all of us.

About the Workshop

Save yourself months of research, testing, and building your digital marketing without hiring a world-class staff.

If you want to cover every single aspect of hard-hitting, profitable digital marketing, you’ll have to scour the internet, devour every book, article, and video you come across, look to “gurus” who overpromise and underdeliver, and spend countless hours every week in endless research, trial, and error.

You’ll end up frustrated, confused, disappointed, and overwhelmed from all the different conflicting theories and information out there – with no personalized attention and no real or clear actionable steps to put all this information into action.

It’s time to see more return from your marketing efforts more quickly without spending all that time testing things out or hiring the staff.

It’s time to cut through the fluff, shortcut your learning curve, and start generating more revenue for your business.

It’s time to dramatically increase your bottom line starting now.

Brandetize Team Meeting

That's where we come in.

All that effort and frustration covers only a tiny fraction of everything we will show and create with you in this 5-Day Live Digital Marketing Workshop. This workshop is like having a world-class team at your service without having to spend the time, energy, and money it takes to have one.

Join our senior level marketing experts for a transformational week of learning, creating, and personalizing the best marketing practices we use for our high-profile clients that you can implement into your business while you’re here and after you leave.

Here’s What You’ll Walk
Away With After 5 Short Days

  • Sales Funnel Blueprint

    Your sales funnels are arguably the most important area you need to optimize in order to convert your subscribers into buyers and, ultimately, repeat buyers. We’ll work with you to create a custom-tailored, profit-pulling “blueprint” for your business that you can start implementing as soon as you leave.

  • Customized Business Goals and Executable Plan

    We’ll help you develop your business goals in crystal clear detail, as well as a plan of action to achieve them... this will be your lifelong “companion” as you go out there and increase your bottom line and success.

  • SEO Game Plan

    You’ll discover the types of keywords that will get potential customers to click on your website and where to place them. We’ll show you how to create a comprehensive, long-term strategy for developing highly-optimized, keyword-rich content to improve your relevance and authority to search engines.

  • Social Media Strategy

    You’ll learn the most up-to-date and proven strategies for gaining traffic and attention through social media sites. We’ll properly set you up for optimal discovery and conversion on platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

  • Paid Advertising Campaign

    We’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your paid advertising by showing you everything you need to know to create a properly optimized campaign to capture the right leads that will increase business. Then we’ll walk you through how to effectively continue growing your paid ads through ad buy, performance tracking, A/B testing, landing page optimization, and more.

  • Website Analysis and Optimization Plan

    Once you get traffic to your website, it’s important to have a fully optimized site in order to convert them into subscribers. We’ll go over direction, ideas, and suggestions on how to improve your design, user experience, and strategy to engage and ultimately convert visitors.

  • Google Analytics

    Analytics plays a huge role in tracking consumer behavior, lead generation and sales performance, and fine tuning and optimizing your site. We’ll show you how to properly set up on Google Analytics, implement it on your website, and show you how to use it to measure your business’ most important key performance indicators.

  • Promotional Marketing Video

    Online video marketing continues to be on the rise for businesses to reach customers in a short, visually-appealing way. We’ll show you the best trends, tips, and video marketing guidelines to create compelling, actionable videos. With our in-house studio, you’ll film a production-quality marketing video delivered to you within one week after the event.

  • Editorial Calendar

    The best way to organize your content is to create (and commit) to a detailed, effective calendar of when and what you’re going to produce on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We’ll work with you on how to best keep track of your content, make it engaging, and prevent it from getting too repetitive or random.

  • “Best-of” Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet

    You’ll get an insider look at all the tools and resources we use every single day to drive our clients’ businesses. From project management software, to campaign performance tracking, to internal communication and everything else in between - you’ll see exactly how we use our tools for optimal productivity, performance and profits.

  • Academy Playbook

    We’ll give you your very own “go-to guide” for every profitable digital marketing strategy, tactic, and practice you’ll learn with us during all five days of the workshop that you can immediately implement, revisit, and use as soon as you leave.

We’re also including this BONUS
to elevate your business even faster...

  • Exclusive access to a private online Facebook community

    Unlike other live training academies out there, we won’t leave you high and dry after this workshop. You can connect with us and your academy peers in our exclusive online group, so you can get ongoing expert support and answers to your most pressing questions whenever they come up.

Apply now to get all this and more!

We’ll work with you to build everything you need for success.

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We will coordinate your Workshop date on a week that works for all of us.

Workshop Schedule

  • Day1:

    The Customer Lifecycle, Customer Acquisition

    Dive into your customer’s world — what makes them tick, what makes them click, and everything in between. We’ll be going over how to acquire customers using social media, content marketing, video marketing, and more.

  • Day2:

    Customer Acquisition (Continued), User Experience

    We’ll continue our deep dive into user acquisition by discussing paid ads, affiliate marketing, and SEO. After finishing up learning about your customer and how to acquire them, we’ll go over engaging them through design from the minute they interact with your brand through to conversion.

  • Day3:

    Back End Marketing

    Now it’s time to lift the curtains and take a look at what it takes to make a first-time customer a repeat-buyer by forming a relationship through email marketing, converting funnels, customer service, and more.

  • Day4:

    Analytics, Building up Your Team and Culture, Setting up Your Roadmap

    Last but certainly not least, we’ll show you how to effectively gather your customer information and what to do with it to optimize your business. Then we’ll get you all set up down to your internal culture and all the way through to finalizing your plans for success.

  • Day5:

    Working Session, Fun Friday!

    You’ll take everything you’ve learned, tie it all together, and work on your business with support from our Brandetize experts. Then we’ll celebrate with one of the activities that creates Brandetize’s work hard/play hard company culture — Fun Friday!

Who Is This Workshop For?

Apply only if you are...

A business owner wanting to increase your bottom line by working smarter, not harder.

Entrepreneur or “solopreneur” looking to grow your brand and/or income.

An author or speaker looking to build an audience, gain more authority, spread your message and sell your content.

A marketing manager looking for new and more effective strategies to implement and impact your company’s bottom line.

We're here to improve your
existing business...

Applicants must have the following:

  • A brand and/or business name
  • Products, programs, or services to sell
  • A desire to build your business and increase your revenue by 10x
  • Ability to take action and implement new strategies

You do not need to have the following to qualify:

  • Social media profiles
  • A Google Analytics account
  • A marketing team or big staff
  • Big yearly revenue or income
  • Authority in your field of business

Does this sound like you?

If so, you qualify to take our 5-day workshop!

Apply Today

We will coordinate your Workshop date on a week that works for all of us.

About Brandetize

Find out why some of the biggest names choose us as their digital solution:

  • Brian Tracy

    International Keynote Speaker, Author of multiple NYT Best-Selling Books, Success Coach

    Sent over 500 million emails with a 98% delivery rate

    Raised his social following to over 2 million followers

    Generated over 10 million dollars in revenue

  • Phil Town

    Investor, Hedge-Fund Manager, NYT Best-Seller

    Over 350,000 total podcast downloads

    106% increase in monthly unique visitors since launch

    We're responsible for over 80% of his customer leads

  • Jack Canfield

    Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, NYT Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Personal Development Coach

    Raised social following to over 1.7 million

    Doubled his leads to 230,000 in 3 months

    Promoted products that resulted in over a 3% conversion rate

Why Should You Choose
Brandetize, Too?

Brandetize was born from building and managing the entire digital strategy for the world renowned author, speaker and thought leader, Brian Tracy. After successfully managing Brian Tracy's Internet business for over 10 years, many individuals were so impressed, they were wondering if the team could do the same for them as they did for Brian Tracy.

We want to help as many people as possible, but we can’t take everyone on as a client, so we asked ourselves, "how can we still share the kick-ass strategies and tactics we use every day that build multi-million dollar online businesses to as many people as possible"?

The answer was simple.

An instructional, hands-on, intensive, profitable, “done-with-you” live workshop that will DRAMATICALLY shortcut the learning curve for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners like you.

You’ll understand and absorb all the material in a way that gives you absolute clarity, and leaves you feeling energized, excited, and totally confident moving forward. You can use all of our training materials and deliverables as-is, or mix it up with your own existing marketing style.

Plus, you get 100% of the money you generate when you apply our knowledge. You don’t pay back a single cent for using our strategies – it’s all yours to keep.

Choose Brandetize as your Digital Marketing Solution

Work with the team that has elevated some of the biggest names.

Apply Today

We will coordinate your Workshop date on a week that works for all of us.

Meet the Brandetize Experts

Who you'll be working one-on-one with:

  • Eric Berman aka Papa Shark

    Eric aka "Papa Shark"

    CEO, Co-Founder

  • Rob aka Great White Shark

    Rob aka "Great White Shark"

    CTO, Co-Founder

  • Chelsea aka Sharkalytics

    Chelsea aka "Sharkalytics"

    CMO, Partner

  • Erik aka Shark with a K

    Erik aka "Shark with a 'K'"

    SEO/CRO Strategist

  • Ryan aka Hipster Shark

    Ryan aka "Hipster Shark"

    Content Manager

  • Kyle aka Shark Deco

    Kyle aka "Shark Deco"

    Art Director

  • Sam aka Sharkarita

    Sam aka "Sharkarita"

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Bridget aka Essential Shark

    Bridget aka "Essential Shark"

    Social Media Manager

  • Aaron aka Essential Shark

    Aaron aka "Sharknado"

    Video Marketing Manager

What Will We Cover?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Deliver valuable, relevant and consistent content to ultimately drive profitable customer action.

Learn More

Social Media / PR Outreach

Social Media / PR Outreach

A social media game plan, giving you the best strategies you can use for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Learn More

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Set up and scale out profitable online ad campaigns.

Learn More

Affiliate / JV Partnership

Affiliate / JV Partnership

Leverage joint venture partnerships to extend your reach and maximize profits.

Learn More

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Grow your brand visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. We’ll show you the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness.

Learn More

Web Design, UI/UX

Web Design, UI/UX

The look and feel of your website and its organization contribute greatly to your user’s experience. We’ll show you how to improve the design of your website to create an optimal experience for your potential customers.

Learn More

Email Funnels & Customer Journey

Email Funnels & Customer Journey

Create the perfect sales funnel fit for your products or services. Get a personal playbook that includes our successful funnel blueprints.

Learn More

CRO & A/B Testing

CRO & A/B Testing

Always Be Testing. Yes, there is an “art” to A/B testing, and it’s not as simple as you might think!

Learn More

Email Marketing & Offers

Email Marketing & Offers

Create the right message and design for your product or service with our best conversion practices that will turn your offers into automated sales machines.

Learn More

Recurring Revenue Models

Recurring Revenue Models

One of the best kinds of income you can generate is the kind that occurs automatically, 24/7, like clockwork.

Learn More

Customer Service & Experience

Customer Service & Experience

Increase customer satisfaction, minimize refunds and create loyal, repeat buyers.

Learn More

Lead Magnets & Tripwires

Lead Magnets & Tripwires

Generate more leads and convert them using the tripwire methodology.

Learn More

Ready to work hand-in-hand with us?

You’re one step closer to fine tuning your marketing machine
and driving your business to greater success and profits.

Apply Today

We will coordinate your Workshop date on a week that works for all of us.

Why Should You Take
This Workshop?

Growing your company or brand to the next level happens when you cut through the fluff, bring together great minds, and discover “through the trenches” what has been proven to work – and continues to work – now, and into the future.

Here’s an example...

Let’s say we were going to teach you how to play golf. We could lecture you, show you the perfect swing, we could even have Tiger Woods motivate you and say "this is how you play."

But until we get you out there, actually playing – experiencing it yourself, applying direct and proven knowledge – you’ll sadly never experience the growth.

Just imagine for a second if you had to figure this all out on your own... without expert guidance and a proven blueprint along the way.

That’s one of the beautiful things about our workshop - we’re going to simplify the process for you, show you everything “in action,” and teach you to build a personalized playbook, tangible goals, ad campaigns, social profiles, and so much more...

Look, this was definitely not an overnight process for us. In fact, it took many years of learning, testing, and refining. However, we got it down to a simple, proven process, and we’ve implemented these same practices with each of our mega-clients to bring about massive results.

Now, we’re sharing it all with you...

You won't have to pay us six
figures. Not even half of that...

Right now, all applicants who get admitted to this workshop will get the same level of firepower and expertise we provide our clients PLUS “done-with-you” marketing deliverables — for just a fraction of what our clients pay...

But, we understand that making this kind of decision is a big deal.

That’s why if you’re still on the fence for whatever reason, we invite you to reach out and fill out the application – we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If you’re accepted in, you will discover our world-class digital marketing secrets and exactly how to apply them in your own practice.

As you use what you learn at our academy, we guarantee you will see a world of difference… Not just in your income, and your bank account – but in ALL aspects of your business and life.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

And if you’re not completely satisfied for whatever reason by the last day of the workshop, we’ll give you your money back. So we take the risk, while you still gain useful information for your business.


Being stress-free, secure, and confident that you’re generating the maximum revenue you really deserve. Easing your anxiety and building your expertise, because you shortcut your learning curve. Now imagine that business success lasting permanently, and growing for the rest of your life.

This can and will happen for you. We are committed to your success.

Please note: Our Live Workshop is strictly limited to only qualified brands,
who are first “screened” and qualified through an informal application process.

Apply Now and Elevate Your Marketing